Shepley Farm

Shepley farm house was built in the second half of the 19th century and was part of the Shepley Hall estate.  The farm house stood next to the much older Shepley Hall, which was demolished in the1930’s. The farm house was demolished in the year 2000 in spite of great efforts by Harry Baxter to prevent this happening.  The farm was a very picturesque building; a country picture in the middle of urban sprawl.  It is this aspect that Harry felt was very important to keep and which was ignored by the authorities.  Harry found support from local Audenshaw councillors, but Tameside MBC approved the destruction and the site is now occupied by 16 semi-detached houses.

An account by Mr Phillips the tenant farmer of Shepley in 1990.
“I remember Shepley Hall before it was demolished in the 1930s it should never have been pulled down if it had survived another 30 years or so it would probably have become retirement home as it happened the site was a desirable one new houses overlooking Tame Valley.”  Asked after 50 years or more what he remembers of the Hall's appearance, “I was impressed by its windows they came right down to ground level.  

The map of the district in 1885 shows Hooley Hill to have been a pleasant semi-rural area with several plantations amongst the houses and a woodland strip along the mill race below the hall, the hall's grounds with an orchard extended down the valley almost to Shepley Bridge.

From Butterworth 1823
the elegant mansion, and anciently recorded estate of Shepley Hall, formerly the residents of a branch of the family of the Assheton’s, of Ashton under Lyne, is modern built, and laid out in a handsome manner with extensive gardens, and pleasure grounds, bordered with perennials, and a range of hothouses for the production of foreign fruits, exotics, etc.  The present proprietor has very extensive printing works adjacent thereto.  The interior of the house is adorned with a large collection of paintings, by the first masters, both of the ancient and modern schools, whose pictures are suspended by guilt chains, from similarly strong gilded rods, through the different rooms.  John Law, Esq is the present proprietor.



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