Red Hall Chapel

The present church building will probably be demolished in 2007, and a new building opened with the name Trinity Church used for the previously independent churches Red Hall Methodists, Guide Lane Methodists and Bridge Street United Reformed Church.

The Red Hall manor house was taken over by Robert Thorneley and his two brothers in 1771.

In 1775 Methodists Meetings began in Red Hall.

1777 Red Hall society named in Manchester Methodists Circuit Accounts

1779 the Sunday School was opened in Red Hall.

1782 the building of the original Chapel commenced.

1783 the Chapel was opened

1786 John Wesley visited the Red Hall Society

1786 Red Hall in the Stockport Methodist Circuit

1797 Red Hall leaves the Wesleyan Church and joined the Methodist New Connection.

1804 Red Hall part of the Ashton MNC Circuit.

1876 The original Chapel submerged under the Reservoirs and the new Chapel built with the compensation.

1907 the Methodist New Connection becomes part of the Methodist United Church.

1907 Extensions to the church and in

1909 the Sunday School building is opened.

1932 the MUC becomes part of the Methodist Church

Mr Alan Rose wrote a history of Red Hall Methodists Church in 1982. The Society has reproduced this book and added a chapter by Mrs Lena Slack and some photographs. The first chapter of the book can be viewed Early Days